Introduction to Handgun Course

VA Concealed Carry Course – This course not only meets, but exceeds the requirements for the VA Concealed Carry Application. When you are ready to start carrying concealed for your own protection and the protection of your family, the XCAL VA Concealed Carry course is the one that you should take. Our knowledgeable instructors cover the VA laws that you should be familiar with, handgun safety, home storage and security of your firearms as well as some basics regarding how, where and who is allowed to carry. We will also go over some handgun fundamentals to make sure that you are comfortable in your decision to carry concealed in the State of Virginia. There will be a 30 round practical course of fire and afterwards students can receive some remedial training if needed.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Gear Required: None (Bring eye and hearing protection if you have it)
  • Ammunition Required: 50 rounds FMJ or Frangible (Can be purchased)
  • Recommended Gear: Pen and paper
  • Dress: Closed toed shoes.
  • VA Law Requirements: US Citizen with unexpired Government ID (Real ID or Valid US Passport) or
  • Naturalized citizens with DHS, INS ID or Permanent US Resident with Valid Government Photo ID.

Cost: $150

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Shooting Course - Conceal Carry

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