TTI JW3 Benelli M2 – $40

The Taran Tactical M4 shotgun for sale is a customized 12-gauge Benelli that means serious business in the realm of tactical ops or home defense. This semi-auto Benelli M4 shotgun from TTI is a complete package with Taran Butler innovations written all over it, including his signature Springs Package, Ultimate Charging Handle, Custom Lifter/Shell Carrier, Ultimate Safety, and Oversized Bolt Release. Other customizations on the TTI M4 shotgun include a lightened bolt carrier, a custom trigger job, modifications to the extractor and barrel to prevent jams, a tuned and polished shell catch and carrier latch, front and rear sling plates, and Match Saver. When you need serious firepower, this elite shotgun is the one weapon that has what it takes to dominate in any tactical or home defense scenario.